Software Development for Enhancing Accessibility and Fighting Info-exclusion
Software Development for Enhancing Accessibility
and Fighting Info-exclusion
8-9 November, 2007. Vila Real campus of University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD)
Workshop 2 - Accessibility Challenges of Virtual Worlds

The aim of this workshop is to draft a position paper undersigned by all participants, presenting research priorities towards increasing the accessibility of virtual worlds, with two main focus areas: critical research towards supporting current needs of current virtual world users with special needs, and research that is required to render virtual worlds accessible to new groups of users.

The discussion will be launched by a general presentation of the issues by the roundtable chairs, and brief live or taped testimonies by users/researchers. Then the debate will start, involving both the invited panel members and the audience.

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  • Paula Trigueiros, CERTIC/UTAD
  • Matthew Atkinson, Loughborough University
  • Jorge Lima, Beta Technologies
  • Luís Sequeira, Beta Technologies
  • Carlos Santos, University of Aveiro
  • Rui Raposo, University of Aveiro
  • Pedro Leão Neto, University of Porto
  • Pedro Sequeira, Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior
  • Fausto de Carvalho, PT Inovação
  • Centre for Professional Rehabilitation of Gaia (institutional participation)
Sponsors - World Usability Day
Sponsors - Microsoft
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